HALF WAY to HALF FULL! #MotivationMonday

What IS that noise? It only keeps getting louder and more protrusive. It beeps, it buzzes, it echoes. It’s twenty-six seconds of your favorite song (but perhaps not at the moment). It’s your alarm clock. And whether we know it or not, every time it sounds it’s inviting us to live our lives each and every morning. 

I’ll be the first to admit that my alarm clock is hardly my best friend, or that I look forward to it breaking my slumber. HOWEVER (and yes, it’s a big however), we generally carry with us the attitude we wake up with all day. So why not decide to wake up ready to embrace whatever comes our way? I can almost guarantee that if you head into your day with positivity and your glass half full, you’ll be more likely to remain in higher spirits and handle tough situations with greater confidence than if that glass was, say . . . half empty. 

But wait a minute. So what does that even mean, really? Half empty . . . Half-full. Is there really a difference? And why should we even care? 

Just because your glass is half full doesn’t mean you’re always happy. Although, if you look on the ingredients label on the side of a glass half-full, happiness just so happens to be right up there. So here’s me: A glass half-full is hearing my alarm clock. Maybe I hit the snooze button once. Or maybe I just get up the first time. It’s rolling out of bed, throwing on a sports bra, running shorts, and tying my running shoes in that weird way I always do. The triple-knot, bunny ears style. It’s putting in the work you know you’ll be happy you did long after it’s already done. It’s leaving for work a few minutes early so as to not be in a rush. Because being in a rush all the time leads to irritability and impatience. And no one needs any more of that, now do they? 

My glass half-full is being able to think optimistically. It’s being able to see more pros than cons. It’s being able to see progress and growth in myself, and others. It’s being able to be satisfied and yet not completely content at the same time. It’s always wanting to do better, be better, and appreciate the little things along the way. 

Sometimes my glass half-full is simply taking time to actually acknowledge that my glass is in fact half-full. 

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