Be a Leader

Be a Leader

Chances are, we’ve all thought about what makes someone an authoritative figure, a leader, or an innovator.  So what does it take?  What is the difference between an employee, and a supervisor or manager--or even a CEO? 

It’s how they operate.  It’s the actions that they take. 

Leaders inform.

You see, employees may be informed and aware of how things are done.  Leaders on the other hand, are bursting with awareness.  The difference?  Leaders are the ones who don’t hesitate to take action and inform others. 

Leaders are educators.

While your average employee might understand a task, or a new protocol, a leader will take the newly grasped information for said protocol, and pass it on and teach it to other employees.         

Leaders are recruiters.

Sure, employees are willing and buy into what they are taught.  But leaders are those who recruit them to follow through with that willingness.

Leaders are able. 

Employees are often times more than capable when it comes to their ability to deal with certain scenarios or tackle particular tasks.  They have the knowledge and have learned the skills.  Leaders on the other hand, are able to build on that knowledge.  They are able to take their employees knowledge to another level.  They challenge what is already known, and aim at making their team stronger and more knowledgeable. 

Leaders Sustain.

Employees maintain sustainability.  They can likely do their job and own it!  However, when it comes to sustainability, leaders recognize and coach when necessary.  For the leader, being able to be sustainable translates into being able to recognize when they need to step in and coach, whether it’s in the moment, or not.  

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