Growing Up Together

Growing Up Together

“Why do they say we’re over the hill?  I don’t even know what that means, and why it’s a bad thing.  When I go hiking and I get over the hill, that means I’m past the hard part and there’s a snack in my future.”

             - Ellen DeGeneres

As we age, like most humans do, we like to believe that we mature and grow into the people we have always aspired to be.  We’re also confronted with having to work (and sometimes, deal) with others from different generations. 

We may not completely understand why they do half the things they do, or the manner in which they do them.  We may not completely comprehend their reasoning, nor their thought process. 

But the one thing that we do have in common, regardless of age, is what motivates us.  Granted, most likely our motivations vary, but we all have something that fuels our fire, or “melts our butter,” as Jim Finkelstein puts it. 

Whatever “it,” is, we all have one.   

Whether you’re a Boomer or a Millennial, we are all motivated, or influenced, or inspired by something.  Some may think that just by simply growing up, they’ll better understand their superiors at work, or magically come to know how older generations think.  Negative ghostrider. 

Yes, growing up gives us our background and all of the experiences that makes us who we are.  But it doesn’t change how we think, or our interior logistics.  Get to know what motivates others and what makes them tick.  Growing together is what allows us to be able to work alongside anyone, no matter the age difference.  

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