Operation Gen Z

Operation Gen Z

It’s no secret that Generation Z will be making their grand, and quite possibly, eye-opening entrance into the workforce in the next two to three years.  So who are they and what is all this hype surrounding their lack of social skills all about?

“Gen Zs are always connected in a near seamless cloud-based world of friends, data, and entertainment.”

             - Adam Renfro, GettingSmart.com

We know that they’ve grown up in a world in which they rely almost entirely on technology.  They were born in the mid 1900s up to 2010, and are briskly nearing college graduation.  And candidly, since Gen Zs have never known a world without the internet, it is believed that their social skills have been ignored and carelessly put on the back burner.  Why call someone on the phone when one could simply send a text message, or a “snap chat,” or a direct message via social media?  Perhaps because it requires less effort?  Or perhaps, because the technology that we have access to today gives us so many options when it comes to communication. 

Generation Z knows but only computers, and, smartphones, and tablets (Oh my!) 

They’ve been described as “over-connected.”  Libraries are practically foreign countries, and communicating exclusively via technology has literally been hardwired into them.  With the internet at their fingertips, Gen Zs lack critical thinking and traditional research skills.  That being said, it isn’t all too surprising that actual, real life, face-to-face communication skills have also declined immensely.  And needless to say, we can only remain anxious at this point, to see how this up-and-coming generation handles professional conflict resolution.  This also brings up the question of understanding how to educate, coach and train this new generation on conflict resolution.  In the workplace, you can’t simply solve a conflict by unfollowing or un-friending someone you share a disagreement with.

Despite their deficiency in social skills, Gen Zs do have a plethora of strengths that will certainly be attractive to business leaders.  They have great experience in multi-tasking, and are extremely tech-savvy and quick learners.  Gen Zs are also incredibly open-minded and have an aptness for Global Awareness.  Gen Zs are (and are rumored to be potentially) more cautious with money and debt than any other generation.  Lastly, according to BloombergView.com, “GenZ is the most tolerant generation ever, color-blind and genuinely unconstrained by traditional gender roles.”       





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