The Game Plan

The Game Plan

Some folks are religious about keeping a day planner.  They systematically strategize each and every day.  They keep a running to-do list.  They set numerous alarms and notes and reminders.  They check or cross off things that they’ve completed.  And they just might freak out if they aren’t able to jot down something in their electronic calendar.  Being that I just described myself, it’s hard to judge this crowd of neurotic schedule keepers. 

All too similarly, there are also those who are on the complete other end of the spectrum, and in no way document their daily “game plan.”  It’s slightly easier to judge this group, because let’s be honest … who can keep track of upcoming events without some reminder or note of their happenings?  Most social media outlets have had an ever so subtle affect on making it simple to stay on top of one’s upcoming events. 

But what about daily or weekly tasks and goals?  What about keeping track of what you’ve accomplish? 

My own daily planner also just so happens to be a running log.  Call me obsessed, but I like to have everything in one place.  Enter the depths of my mind … why would one not document their daily workout along with what they also plan to accomplish each day?  That run is part of my day; is it not? 

So here’s the end-all question:  Why keep a planner?  Why have what we call a “game plan” for each day?  Perhaps it keeps us in check, on track, and less distracted by things that get in the way of what we truly want or need to accomplish each day.  Perhaps it’s our way of celebrating the little victories as the world continues to generously throw obstacles down the road in which we walk.  Whatever our reasoning, keep it up.  If your system works, keep plugging away.   

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