Act with Accountability

Act with Accountability

Being accountable means that you are trusted.  It means that you are respected.  It also means that you send a message to others that you are willing to do whatever is necessary to achieve success for your team.  Merriam-Webster defines “accountability” as “having an obligation or willingness to accept responsibility for ones actions.” 

Our problem is that all too often, we point fingers at each other.  Sometimes it’s intentional, but most of the time it’s simply out of habit.  As human beings, we have the ability to bear the necessary courage to exhibit personal accountability. 

So what does accountability look like through the eyes and outward perspectives of our co-workers and employers? 

Well, something like this! …

-  Recognizing and accepting complete responsibility for your behavior.  Don’t neglect accepting the consequences of the choices you make.  No more pointing fingers.  No more excuses!

-  Don’t just meet expectations; Exceed them!  It might sound a bit cliche, but there really isn’t time for laziness when you are pursuing an accountable reputation.

-  Admit your mistakes.  Be willing to consciously accept responsibility for your mistakes instead of blaming others.  Sure it’s tempting, but embrace each mistake, and make the decision to learn from them.

-  Admit your limitations of knowledge.  Don’t fake it.  Rather, it’s perfectly okay accept responsibility for something you don’t completely understand.  But ask for help and counsel from a co-worker who does!  It takes courage, but you will feel loads better once you swallow your ego and just ask.  They might even come to you with a question later on. 

There’s no question that being accountable equates to acceptance and admitting things to yourself and others.  It takes guts and perhaps a little bit of vulnerability.  But in the end, being accountable, and making others to perceive you as such, is what gives you another reason to stay motivated, and another skill in your myriad of talents. 

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