You’re the Boss!

You’re the Boss!

Each and every day, we wake up, drink the caffeine, and start plowing away at our day’s work.  Our families and laundry list of things to do each day are constantly on our minds, and we are constantly looking out for others.  But often times, we neglect showing appreciation to those who look out for us. 

Although October 16th, otherwise known as National Bosses day, might only be a day of observance, the fact is, showing more appreciation towards your boss shouldn’t need one day out of the year (similar to Mother’s or Father’s Day).  Go figure.   

Bosses day itself aims at shining a light on those who not only make the big decisions, inspire us to do our jobs on the daily, but also support us in our work and life in general.  Bosses day is rumored to intend improvement in the liaison between employers and their staff, and many workers dedicate this day to their supervisors for their constant support and encouraging attitude towards their work.  But little do we know, it’s so much more than that.  

That being said, make sure to thank your boss today.  Just because they’re sitting in the big chair, doesn’t mean that every day is a breeze, or that they’re cruising on easy street.  They are the ones who handle the tough stuff, make it a priority to do their best, and give their employees their best self everyday, even if it may not seem like it.  They’ve climbed the proverbial ladder to get to where they are now, and they deserve our respect.  Let them know that their support and leadership is appreciated. 

After all, bosses are people too.  Show them some love today!    

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