Ben Teichman - Honesty and Integrity Award

Ben Honored with Honesty and Integrity Award

One of three 2019 Innovation Institute “Values and Recognition” Awards.

The Innovation Institute’s Sixth Annual Values and Services Recognition Awards occurred February 20, 2019 and the Values Committee is pleased to announce the award recipients who were selected from the 87 nominations that we received, an all-time record.

Three employees were recognized at a celebration at the Innovation Lab on February 20, 2019. Congratulations to Ben Teichman, Managing Consultant for FutureSense, LLC for being awarded the Honesty and Integrity award!

Honesty and integrity means that one maintains strict adherence to a moral code, reflected in transparent honesty and complete harmony in what one thinks, says, and does. “We adhere firmly to an ethical and professional code of conduct based on honesty and respect for the people with whom we interact.”

Ben’s colleagues have stated that he has been a strong member of the FutureSense team since 2012. Some call him a superstar. Others call him a great teacher, colleague, and consultant. He has developed incredible relationships with clients and with team members.

Ben puts the clients first and foremost, always ensuring that the FutureSense teams sees the client’s perspective and never to take shortcuts towards perfection. He is always committed to collaborating internally with peers.
He listens and respects those around him and has developed a style in working

with clients that is extraordinary. He is patient, understanding, prepared, thoughtful, consistent, and his integrity shines through at all times when working with clients time and time again.

Recently, in the face of very difficult circumstances faced by his colleague’s tragic loss of a family member, Ben filled the void, taking on more responsibility. He has sacrificed for the team, his friend, and has done it with grace and humility.

Ben does not seek the spotlight. He needs no recognition and does not seek awards. His strong beliefs, ethics and values guide him in his life. He is an exceptional employee, a dedicated family man, and above all, cares deeply about the people with whom he works. Ben is always looking out for his staff in a genuine way. He wants all of his team to succeed and to be happy with their careers. Ben will always give his honest opinion, and he will help others do the same.

Although Ben does not want the limelight, his colleagues believe this amazing manager and friend deserves recognition. Therefore, they were honored to have the opportunity to nominate Ben for this prestigious and exceptionally well-deserved recognition.

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