FutureSense provides integrated solutions to build and sustain human capital capacity and optimize organizational performance.  

We are valued partners with our clients in the areas of strategy, organization and people -- building relationships with a thoughtful, responsive, and authentic approach to business practices.


Integrity. We say it like it is. We tell you what you need to hear, not what you want to hear. 

Relationships. We care. Because the only way we can get the job done right, is working together with you.

Transformation. We are change agents. We want to move the meter in your organization and create positive change.

Sustainability. We seek to provide sticking power. We work with you to get the job done now and continue to do so throughout the future.

Solutions. We execute. The solution is yours, not ours - we get the job done the way it works best for you.

Speed. We get it done. We purposely keep our organization nimble so we can move yours in the right direction.


Thoughtful.  We are Innovative, insightful, and intentional.  We help our clients creatively and conscientiously, keeping our finger on the pulse and staying one step ahead of the curve.

Responsive.  Speed of thought, speed of action, speed of results.  We attend to clients needs clearly, effectively, and accurately.  Communication and timeliness is our calling card.

Authentic.  We are all about relationships and people.  We grow connections with our clients and our community, sprouting vibrant futures and bettering the lives of those we serve.