Leadership is the ability to influence others and in today's society it's tied directly to an organization's strategic development (not directly to a title).  Our courses will explore how we can take that perspective and weave it through our daily life.

FutureSense provides clients cutting-edge leadership development resources (utilizing the Center for Creative Leadership materials) that will drive results for individual contributors and seasoned leaders.

  • Administrative Professionals Leadership Development Lab

Today’s top administrative professionals are defined as talented, savvy, highly effective communicators, project managers, collaborators, and overall influencers.  And as organizations evolve, so does the role of the administrative professional.  As pillars in the organization, they provide a strategic level of support and strength for the leaders they support and the culture they impact…requiring both confidence and agility to balance multiple responsibilities and effectively serve both internal and external customers.  

Sound daunting?  It can be for sure!  The remedy? Equipping this key group with the skills, tools and resources required to meet the demands of this vital role.  It begins with building self-awareness and self-management, and recognizing the value and impact they bring to the table.  In other words, when they’re on their A-game – so are those they support! 

Over the course of five months, we’ll dive deep as a cohort, exploring communication practices that build culture, developing behavioral skills to effectively manage challenge, and driving authenticity and trust in relationships.  Our highly-interactive series, peppered with application-based “homework” to tie each course together, provides the admin professionals with the tools they need to feel empowered in their roles, prepared to deal with pressures of the everyday job, and build skills as top-notch project managers.

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