All in Say on Pay

It is the holiday season and during this chilly time of the year many reach for a nip of whisky to create some warmth. Scotch is not a drink for everyone. But, for those who partake little else can replace it. Equity compensation is similar. It isn’t perfect for every company, or every situation, but when is done right it can be a game-changer.

Consultants are not magic. We usually know the same things you know. Sometimes we have better data. Sometimes we have more polished techniques and tools. Sometimes we have more complete answers for questions. Mainly, we have an air of outside credibility (and the weight of a decent consulting fee) that makes people believe they should listen.

Please note, that for all of the talk about pay clawbacks, it appears that both Mr. Stumpf and Ms. Tolstedt each still have over $100 million in potential retirement payments that remain outstanding.