All in Sales Compensation

The world of compensation is filled with odd inconsistencies. Are you motivating someone to retain them, or are you retaining people, so you can motivate them? Are you looking to hire “world-class talent”, or do you want to pay more like your peers? Perhaps the most frustrating is the dilemma of compensation data being absolutely accurate and almost completely wrong.

Congratulations, you read this sentence! Not impressed? You shouldn’t be. You probably would be looking at this article if you couldn’t read basic sentences. Celebrating a foregone conclusion is a spiraling path to mediocrity. Achieving the inevitable is not an accomplishment.

Hiring a great salesperson is the key to success for many high-growth companies. The Rainmaker, high-earner, big kahuna or closer can change the growth directory for any company, large or small. These great revenues generators do not come cheap. In fact, they may often make more money than anyone else in the company. They may be worth it.

Consultants are not magic. We usually know the same things you know. Sometimes we have better data. Sometimes we have more polished techniques and tools. Sometimes we have more complete answers for questions. Mainly, we have an air of outside credibility (and the weight of a decent consulting fee) that makes people believe they should listen.