Dan Walter, Managing Consultant.

Dan Walter, Managing Consultant.

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Dan Walter, CECP, CEP

Managing Consultant and All Around Nice Guy

Dan Walter, CEP, CEPC, is a Managing Consultant at FutureSense. Dan has dedicated more than 20 years to assisting companies with both executive and broad-based compensation programs. Dan provides end-to-end solutions for private and public companies based in both the United States and abroad. He has worked extensively with companies around the world.  His clients range in size from entrepreneurial startups to established Fortune 100 companies.

Dan’s expertise includes equity and incentive compensation, executive programs, performance-based pay and talent management issues. His experience with these programs includes: discovery, design, delivery and evolution to meet specific company needs. He also has a strong foundation in administration and reporting. He has experience with all forms of equity including stock options, restricted shares, RSUs, employee stock purchase plans (ESPP) and performance-based programs. Dan has also been the architect of major software solutions and has significant experience in the administrative and technological best practices for these programs.

Dan is a highly sought after, nationally recognized, speaker who provides entertaining and informative presentations on a broad range of topics. He has been a Board Member for the National Center for Employee Ownership, the HR.com Compensation Advisory Board and is active with a wide range of industry organizations. He is also the founder of Equity Compensation Experts (ECE), a global networking group with almost 2,000 professional members who interact with equity compensation programs as a function of their jobs. The ECE is one of the largest networks of share-based compensation experts in the world.

Dan is the author or coauthor of several books, including “Performance-based Equity Compensation”, “Everything Your Do In Compensation Is Communication”,  “The Decision Makers Guide to Equity Compensation” and “Beyond Stock Options” (Equity Compensation Alternatives) and is an active contributor to Quora, FoundersSpace, Clarity.com and various other web resources.

You can reach Dan by email at dan@futuresense.com, connect with him on LinkedIn or follow him on Twitter at @DanFutureSense.

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