FutureSense, LinkedIn and Profinder


FutureSense, LinkedIn and Profinder

2006. I had resisted the move to social media. It seemed frivolous, even though I love new things. Then I received an invite from a colleague in New York City who I respected. He thought I would love some site called “LinkedIn”. Out of a combination of politeness and curiosity I signed up. It was a great decision.

My prior firm, Performensation, celebrated its tenth anniversary in September 2016. LinkedIn was my reminder of this accomplishment. My professional network was my validation that connectivity has been essential to my success. I have far more than the 500+ connections listed on my profile. Each person was carefully approved to ensure that they added to my professional abilities and allowed me to add to my clients’ and contacts’ professional needs.

The two LinkedIn groups that I started many years ago are thriving. They provide an easy way for focused and vetted professionals to engage and share. The articles I have posted on LinkedIn remain in play. One has been read more than 3,000 times. The information that I have gathered and shared has proven helpful for me and others.

Performensation provides compensation and human capital consulting. Our competitors include major international firms with hundreds of professionals and local consultants who operate as sole proprietors. LinkedIn has given us a global reach and allowed us to display our expertise in both a real-time and persistent manner. It allows prospective clients to learn about me and our services. It allows me to learn more about them. LinkedIn has enabled me to stay in touch with colleagues over the years and develop new professional relationships without the lost time and crazy costs of travel.

The consistent focus of LinkedIn members on relevant professional information sharing and collaboration is the last component to the puzzle. Members and LinkedIn have worked together to ensure that the site does not become a place to “waste time”. It is a place to make time, connections and expand horizons.

LinkedIn is more than a tool; it is part of the foundation of our business. In a world with countless consultants, it has allowed us to stand apart from the crowd. In a world of one million questions, it has allowed us to effectively and efficiently provide answers, guidance and information. Most importantly, in an increasingly distanced world it has allowed us to be local to anyone who needs our expertise.

We are careful to use LinkedIn in the same way we hope all members do. Share first. Connect second. Build third. This formula has worked well for Performensation for the past decade and I expect it will continue to work into the future.

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