"I wish this book had been around decades ago...it's a must have"

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"I wish this book had been around decades ago...it's a must have"

Peggy Andrews, PhD, SPHR, Lecturer in Management & Leadership Curriculum Coordinator at Hamline University School of Business recently reviewed "Everything in Compensation is Communication." the new books from pay exerts Dan Walter, Ann Bares and Margaret O'Hanlon.

Here's what Ms. Andrews had to say:

“I wish this book had been around decades ago when I started my career - it’s a must have..and one I recommend to all my management students”

“In my 20+ years of experience in HR and Organizational Consulting, I have seen 3 typical reactions to compensation discussions depending on who is leading the charge.”

  1. Overexcitement about the mysteries of spreadsheets and micro-changes in numbers (Finance);

  2. Order-taking (HR Administrators);

  3. Feigned boredom as a cover-up for nervousness/fear (Unskilled Managers and HR Staff).

The result is that far too many organizations have legally compliant and operationally effective pay plans, yet are missing out on an incredible opportunity to use compensation dollars to communicate their business strategy to employees and build organizational performance.  Thankfully Bares, O’Hanlon and Walter have come to the rescue with this clever book that demystifies the process of designing and implementing a compensation program that will orient and motivate employees around organizational strategy and performance objectives.  With deceptive brevity and wit, this easy read provides a comprehensive outline that shows HR Professionals and Managers step-by-step how to engage stakeholders, identify the real compensation challenges and opportunities in your organization, bring employees into the conversation, and measure the effectiveness of your program.”

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ewdic book quote 2b 20150217

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