What is a typical stock grant for a CFO of Series A venture backed company?

This is a very difficult question to answer with any accuracy. There are more variables than most people consider when granting equity compensation. 1. Is the individual a founder? If so, are they and "equal contributor" or is there an accepted imbalance in the founder contributions?

2. What is the "corporate event goal" for the company? IPO? "Aquihire"? Growth to an eventual big acquisition?

3. What is the potential size for your company / industry? 10% of limited potential may make more sense 1% of huge potential

4. Who may be your current or future investors?  Angels? VCs? (if so will they be the "big" VCs or someone else.

Each of these components, and usually a few more, drive the level of stock grant for any position, especially for executives.

One important thing to note is that most survey shows that 90-95% of all stock options grants to en executive are granted at the time of hire.  Everything after that tends to be small additional grants to ensure longer term retention.

Lastly, When you look at data you must take into account dilution. a 1% grant post-Series A, where th A Round was large, is nothing like a 1% grant Post Series A, where the A round was a nominal "exploration" investment.

My guess is that the company will offer between 1%-2% if you are a non-founder.

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