Are there good resources for compensation data of privately-held companies?

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Are there any recommendations on sources to use for compensation data of privately-held companies (including executive compensation), besides using published surveys or conducting a private survey? Thank you.

Dan Walter responds to this question that has a complex answer:

Many industry groups collect and provide compensation data for the members. Of course, even more do not.

Private company data, especially for executives, is elusive. Even the published and purchasable survey daya is suspect.  Valuations are tenuous, data reporting is often being done by non-comp professionals, interpretations of what the surveys are asking for are often incorrect. Many surveys do not provide enough granularity to properly report actual compensation elements.

We do a ton of work with private companies. Most cases are unique enough to require some sort of specialized approach.  If you want to chat, please reach out.  I may be able to provide some better direction that is specific to your needs.


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