Leadership is the ability to influence others and in today's society it's tied directly to an organization's strategic development (not directly to a title).  Our courses will explore how we can take that perspective and weave it through our daily life.

FutureSense and our partnership with the Center for Creative Leadership provides clients cutting-edge leadership development resources that will drive results for individual contributors and seasoned leaders.

We offer 2 virtual Labs via a webinar series.  Choose the one that's right for you!

  • Developing Leaders: Emerging leaders and individual contributors are critical members in shaping company culture and contributing to the strategic direction of an organization. Many emerging leaders need assistance in developing their confidence, communication skills, influence and project leadership. Investment in focused conversations, learning activities and development goals for these individuals will equip them to be collaborative producers and leaders within the organization and well-aligned with company goals.  

The Developing Leaders Lab is offered on the 2nd Thursday of the month (for 5 consecutive months), starting May 11, 2017 and ending September 14, 2017 ~ 10:30am - 12pm PST.  Cost is $650/participant.

  •  Leading From The Middle: Often referred to as “leaders of managers” the mid to senior leadership group can sometimes go neglected – busy schedules and conflicting priorities can hinder our time for continued leadership development. This critical mass however is subject to competing business priorities, pressure from leaders above and the every day struggles from those below. Managing organizational complexity involves strength in self-awareness, influence, resiliency, learning agility, and the ability to think systemically. 

The Leading From the Middle Lab is offered on the 4th Tuesday of the month (for 5 consecutive months), starting June 20, 2017 and ending October 24, 2017 ~ 10:30am - 12pm PST.  Cost is $650/participant.

Courses include:

  • Course 1: Authentic Introspection as a Leader (With a focus on self-awareness, communication, active listening and maintaining presence)
  • Course 2: Harnessing Your Strategic Agility (With a focus on EQ, agility and implementing strategy into your daily role)
  • Course 3: Thriving Partnerships – Shifting from the Me to the We (With a focus on addressing conflict, collaboration and change)
  • Course 4: Piloting Your Organizational Story(With a focus on mentoring, coaching and developing a purpose-oriented workforce)
  • Course 5: Elevating as You Soar (With a focus on authentic leadership, the power of influence, and developing a culture of resiliency)